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White Teeth Teens: Why We Should Be Paying Attention to Lorde



Lorde on the cover of Billboard

When Lorde performed on the Grammys earlier this year, it was the first time all of America got to see the young star perform live. Millions of people heard her hit “Royals” first on alternative, underground radio stations more than a year before it hit…

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Couple of Metalheads

My boyfriend and I have started a project together! We have started a music blog where we will review albums we like as well as books and movies here and there with some cool features we think people will like! With him as an english major and myself as a writer/photographer we plan on using this blog as a consistent and important form of expression of our tastes so please come along and join the ride!

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any and every miley cyrus wrecking ball parody picture is dumb as hell and not funny

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